Friday, March 10, 2017

** Picture a NEW healthy habit!

This infographic shows what the meaning of being healthy is. It teaches you in a idea of one picture that you can choose and pick what you eat. This also gives people an idea of what some healthy everyday snacks and meals could be. In the twelve pictures it shows what each food can do to your body. It ranges from vegetables, fruit, seeds and meat. For example pomegranate is not only a really delicious fruit, it also makes your skin very soft.

These infographics are made to hope that people who are willing to try, will make themselves happy and healthy.
This shows how eating healthy or eating junk food can affect the way your body changes. When you eat junk food it goes it goes straight to your belly and doesn’t help you in ways that you want. The benefits of eating healthy is that your bones, kidneys, brain and lungs can all function properly. Although, i’m not saying you have to go on a diet, just take a look at what you eat, and balance out the good and the bad.

The way you eat everyday is how you feel about yourself. This shows how to portion your meals to make your eating lifestyle clean. It does not tell you to stop eating junk food but it teaches you to how to properly portion out the amount of food you eat in a day. Small portions and three meals a day is key. Dont just snack all day and eat whatever you say. The more you plan out a meal and figure out a healthy snack to eat in between breakfast and lunch, then after dinner is when you can fit in a dessert. The balanced diet is not just for weight loss. Do you ever just want to feel healthy and good about yourself? The portioned meals help you decide what to eat and how much to eat, while cleansing your body.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Shop right, Eat right!

When my mom first came home with this magic bullet, she was so excited. I was confused because we already had two blenders. She was so convinced that this bullet was going to be faster and more efficient when coming to make smoothies. I was very excited because I made smoothies every morning. After a few days, it was weird to get used too, it was so simple!! Once it was plugged in and all my ingredients were ready, there was really only one switch to turn it on, making it so easy to use. Not only is this bullet easy to use, it uses less dishes. Instead of me having to wash the big blender, the magic bullet has complementary cups that you use to blend the smoothie, making it the same cup that you drink out of. It is very compact, and takes up very little space. I would recommend this for anyone who needs to chop, mix, blend, grind or whip any ingredients.
HOW TO USE: The magic bullet has only 3 steps to a perfect use.
First: Load the ingredients into the tall cup on the cross blade until the blade and cup have a tight seal.
Second: Line up the tabs and place on the power base, there is only one setting. You screw the blade cap into the jar that you are using, flip it over, and hold it down. (As long as you are pressing the cup down the motor is running.
Third: Release your hand, so it stops and put on the lid liner. Now you can drink and enjoy your smoothie, or whatever the cook in you makes!
In my opinion I think that this magic bullet is a very useful and reliable for an everyday use. You can make endless meals, meal prep-ing and making every meal easy and quick. I highly recommend you try this blender. It may look like a generic, tv advertised machine that looks like a scam, but I can promise you, YOU will not regret buying!