Wednesday, April 12, 2017

** 5 mistakes of Dieting

1. Cutting yourself off from cravings too fast.
Do you ever want to stop eating something because you’re scared you are going to get addicted? For example peanut m&m’s, you could sit there eating and eating them until you feel too fat. The easiest way to stop yourself from eating so much sugar and sweets is to limit yourself, and portion out your sweets. Don't just stop eating it because you will start craving that, more and more wanting to non stop eat.  

2. Not eating the right foods
Many people think that eating a granola bar is good for you but in reality all the pre-packaged “weight loss” food is not because you will never satisfied eating all the processed stuff. You can’t snack on fake food, you must eat your three main meals and some fruits or vegetables!  

3. Not drinking or eating enough in a day.
Your body needs half of your body weight of fluid everyday in order to let yourself survive throughout your workout or even the busy days. As much as you think you are drinking enough, you probably are not! Pick up the glass and use mind over matter to choose water instead of juice or soda.

4. Eating too Early
Studies show eating too early in the evenings is not good for you and can affect how much you eat everyday
"People eat at 6:00 and stay up until 11:00 or midnight, so their bodies are naturally asking for fuel again," Villacorta says. "I tell people to aim to eat 70% of their calories before dinner and 30% at dinner, but it doesn’t matter how late dinner is.” says Dietician from Academy of Nutrition
5. Setting unrealistic goals

When wanting to see yourself improve you have to start slow and slowly move up to see your progress. Don’t just stop eating and lift 200 pounds, give yourself wiggle room and start your new way of life!

** Looking into the Future

Eating healthy and taking care of your body is an important part of life. In this video you see the three important benefits, neurological, health, and academic. These three factors, determine many things, such as depression, lack of sleep, weight, and overall performance to get through the day.

The neurological factor can help with memory by creating the growth of more blood vessels to the brain. I think this is very important because everyday you are learning new things and your body needs to process the information. This is one of the main reason eating healthy and exercising is so important for a person everyday in a daily life.

The physical factor is being able to and commit to the struggle of how busy the average person's everyday life may be. Coordination is very important when doing things such as housework, yard work, and even at their job. The more you exercise not only the stronger you get, giving you the ability to take care of yourself and live a less stressful life. Physical activity keeps your body from falling apart. Exercising stops depression, Alzheimer's, and obesity. Not only referring to this video but other research i have done claims that physical activity ranging from running, walking, cycling, swimming, and mountain climbing is the best way to keep yourself healthy.

The academic factor is being able to mentally focus, and do your work, inside and outside of school. When eating healthy food, your body can process more and have a better understanding of what is happening around you. This video explains everything on how it helps the brain, in hopes that everyone will see how grabbing carrots instead of chocolate is a big deal.