Friday, May 26, 2017

Athlete Speed Training

Athletes that takes a long time to build up endurance tend to use several different techniques and running exercises to make them able to run farther and farther. The difference between having endurance and sprinting is being able to pace yourself to run long distance instead of super fast short distance.

The first way to start your endurance speed is too gradually adapt in taking one step at a time.The idea is to workout hard and feel comfortable but stay at a steady speed and be consistent, slowly working your way up. An easy way to achieve this goal is running every day for a week at the same pace and same distance; for example one mile. The next week try going a little faster but make it one in a half or two miles. By doing this you are slowly increasing your endurance each week.

Another way to strengthen your endurance is by taking less breaths while resting in between sets, keeping your heart rate up helps you last longer for example going for a 3 mile run without stopping makes you stronger and stronger.

The last way is to keep training, all year long. Even if it’s during winter or spring, staying in shape, is they key to running for longer distance and time. The more you are able to stay in shape, it helps you in the long run. The ideal theory is to make every workout count.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Food for Thought

Teenagers go through a lot of weird and interesting stages of  their life before coming adults. Girls will experience their first period of even heart  break. This leads them into eating unhealthy foods their body will crave. Eating chocolate and crying may lead to depression,a factor that many teenagers over the world may face. In this article, they describe how certain foods or meals help the average teenager.
Not eating enough, eating too much, or eating unhealthy are all problems teenagers experience. I learned a lot from reading this because learn how eating healthy, helps your brain grow. Right now you are young and still learning how to be an adult. Without proper nutrition the brain’s ability to learn will either increase or decrease depending on how you treat it.

What teens need is a balanced diet to help them in school and in the real world. I think this is very important because you need a strong memory, good blood pressure. Eating proteins, fats (to a certain extent), carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, calcium, iron, vitamin d, and omega 3 fatty acids.

I learned a lot from this article, new nutrition dieting and I found it very helpful to follow the guidelines on what the average boy or girl should eat everyday, ranging from age to age. I agree that by eating healthier and not stressing so much about life, it will lead you and your body to a much happier lifestyle.

Doctors Note

Eating healthy isn’t only important for young people or just losing weight but has been prescribed by doctors to patients who felt awful or couldn’t be prescribed more medications. According to the American Heart Association, the number of people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular disease continues to rise, at approximately 180 million people.

Obesity is a huge problem many americans face, factors resulting from obesity can result in a number of issues. Right now more than two thirds of the population is overweight. I think that the more people who are aware of the problems they may face, will try to eat healthier and maintain a healthier lifestyle without needing the doctors.

Antibiotics when fighting low cholesterol have a few negative effects. First, they are very expensive, even doctors have a hard time because the amount they spend isn’t worth how much the patients still suffer because of the side effects such as muscle aches or liver function failures.

These people were sent to a “Cooking Cardiologist” in my opinion this is very smart because they get put on certain diets and given healthy foods to eat, instead of just medication. Not only does this make people healthier but they are preventing heart disease.

The Step One Foods came together and figured out that the average person will need fibers, omega 3-fatty acids, antioxidants and plant sterols. This is like eating a salad with nuts and beans along with some fruit for a snack.

I believe anyone can change the way they eat to make themselves healthy and alive.