Friday, May 26, 2017

Athlete Speed Training

Athletes that takes a long time to build up endurance tend to use several different techniques and running exercises to make them able to run farther and farther. The difference between having endurance and sprinting is being able to pace yourself to run long distance instead of super fast short distance.

The first way to start your endurance speed is too gradually adapt in taking one step at a time.The idea is to workout hard and feel comfortable but stay at a steady speed and be consistent, slowly working your way up. An easy way to achieve this goal is running every day for a week at the same pace and same distance; for example one mile. The next week try going a little faster but make it one in a half or two miles. By doing this you are slowly increasing your endurance each week.

Another way to strengthen your endurance is by taking less breaths while resting in between sets, keeping your heart rate up helps you last longer for example going for a 3 mile run without stopping makes you stronger and stronger.

The last way is to keep training, all year long. Even if it’s during winter or spring, staying in shape, is they key to running for longer distance and time. The more you are able to stay in shape, it helps you in the long run. The ideal theory is to make every workout count.

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