Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Make Yourself Better

The difference between eating healthy and dieting can mean a lot to someone. Many people are obsessed over the idea of cutting themselves off fast from junk foods, carbs and anything except a specific diet. The idea with this is that it's not going to always work, everybody has their cheat days, making smarter eating decisions and choosing what to eat, mind over matter when wanting chocolate or a salad is when it comes down to dieting and healthy eating.

According to the blog WebMD they explain how dieting is more of depriving yourself from foods that you want and focusing on the scale on much weight you lose in a day and having your main focus on that. Most people who considered themselves on a “diet are most likely to gain their weight back.

Eating healthy is as simple as it sounds, you give your body what it needs, to be a healthy person along with losing weight without stressing over how much you gain in a day. If you are able to focus on what you eat and how much of that you eat then you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercising also gives your body what you need to be able to function and run properly. I cannot stress enough how much eating small portions, fruits and vegetables over cake can impact your life in such a huge way!

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